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Conference Room Management

Conference Room Management Functions

Visioaxess offers many features to fit your needs and business requirements, and adds more every day!

Standalone use or Client / Server, intranet and full Web
Company logo and customizable interface – 14 color themes available (NEW)
Multiple clients, multiple sites and access points
Multiple languages (language files adaptable to business vocabulary)
Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Express
Advanced user rights and settings filters
Pre-registrations and requests for reservations
Reservation request validation by supervisor
Reservation of associated materials and technologies: projectors, screens, computers, ...
Tracking Real Time Bookings
Email(s) to supervisor(s) of reservation requests
Automatic email to inform applicant of reservation status approved / refused
Many calendar export formats: day, weekly, month, year, timeline ...
Compare number of actual room occupations with number of reservations
Customized program accessibility ("Favorites" screen displays common tasks organized by component)
Data entry autocomplete with integrated error correction – Navigator or MS OfficeTM (NEW)
Customizable data fields (check box, date, text, number, list ...)
Export to multiple formats (pdf, xls, xlsx, rtf, csv)
Multiple criteria searches with filters
Filter allowed IP addresses - secure software access control
Note: Our software is constantly improving. Specifications and characteristics listed are subject to change without notice. See sales department for an updated list.