Welcome to Visioaxess! Incident Reporting Software, Guard Patrol Systems, Managing Visitors, Access Control,...

Our solutions for security management are specifically designed to fully adapt to your organization and your industry so you quickly get a return on investment and increased security.


Visioaxess is a powerful Web 2.0 software platform

Visioaxess includes several modules that can be purchased separately or together to achieve
an integrated software solution that fits your needs perfectly.

From a single database,
you get a powerful tool and flexible sharing of information among users and supervisors.

A selection of modules to build your solution "a la carte":

Incident Reporting Software Module

Incident Reporting Software

  • Record Events
  • Report Management
  • Passing of Instructions
  • Management Procedures
  • Employee Shift Tracking
  • And more ..

Visits Module

Lobby & Visitors Management

  • Visitor Reception
  • Pre-registration
  • Unwanted visitor management
  • Management of ID exchange
  • Prerequisites and Clearances
  • ...

Access Module

Access Control

  • Access Rights Management
  • Edit Access Badges
  • Access Records
  • Directory of Residents
  • Visit Duration

Reservation and Booking Module

Booking Rooms

  • Booking and Managing Conference Rooms
  • Reservation Planning
  • Loan Management Resources
  • Access Control
  • Validation Manager