Welcome to Visioaxess! Incident Reporting Software, Guard Patrol Systems, Managing Visitors, Access Control,...

A dynamic small business which continues to grow by showing its willingness to develop lasting relationships with its clients.

The Company

A few words about our Company

Our company is part of a group created in 2003, consisting of security and site managment specialists and making a combined revenue of more than $20 million in 2014.

Our primary purpose is to provide solutions and high-tech systems to ensure the physical safety and protection of tangible and intangible assets, both in France and abroad.

Our organization represents our commitment to synergy and cross-function, streamlining costs and developing a culture of shared leadership among members of the group, while always delivering excellence to our customers! "

Julien Le Cam, Founding Partner.

Distribution partners

Visioaxess has developed a model incorporating a distribution network of partners with strong mutual commitments. This indirect distribution model, through the integration of specialist partners, is part of our development strategy to optimize our sales coverage and develop a close relationship with Visioaxess users.