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Software Solutions for Security in Business

Visioaxess is security software with various modules that allow you to design security solutions to fit your business:

  • Incident Reporting Software
  • Visitor Management
  • Access Control
  • Conference Room Management
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Incident Reporting Software, a powerful and efficient collaborative tool

The incident reporting tool can be used to track safety performance and identify root causes, risks, hazards, and trends so you can prioritize action and make intelligent changes.

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Visitor Management Software

The Visitor Management Software allows the front desk to manage reception and registration of visitors. Visioaxess enhances the professional image of any organization...

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Access Control Software - Web and Intranet

Visioaxess offers powerful features for access control:

  • No PC Client installation
  • Import LDAP Directory
  • Visitor management badges
  • Advanced access histories
  • Advanced search filters
  • Customizable fields
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10 Reasons to choose Visioaxess - 3 minute tour

Let us show you in less than three minutes why Visioaxess is your best choice in security management solutions.

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